The Quote Corner

​Freshmen year in college was a growing experience for me to say the least. It was a large transition period in my life with lots of change. Thankfully I made some amazing friends in the first few weeks of classes and they were very supportive of me.

One evening, when I was having a particularly hard time, one of my friends came into my room and kicked me out for a little bit, when I came back she said she had left me a surprise that I had to find. The “surprise” turned out to be multiple surprises. For the rest of the night and the next day I found random post-it notes stuck on my television, in my boots, on my mirrors and on the bottom of my bunk bed. Each one had a different inspirational quote on it, and every quote reminded me how special I was, or how much I needed to dwell on what was right in front of me and not what had happened in my past.

The quotes reminded me of how open the future was with endless possibilities to what I might do. That’s when a tradition began. I took all of those sticky notes and taped them to the bottom of my bunk bed so that when I was sitting at my desk and looked up, there they were to inspire me. I encouraged my friends to start writing quotes down and then they would give them to me to tape to what was dubbed “The Quote Board.” It grew so that not only were there famous quotes and inspirational quotes, but also funny jokes shared between friends.

The post-it quote tradition carries on to this day. At my house, there are two hanging cork boards filled with inspirational quotes, etc. It’s a wonderful decoration that brings laughter to my house.

This quote corner is where I would like to share these quotes and hopefully the inspiration they bring. Feel free to email your own and I will add them to the now virtual Quote Board.



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