DIY Year Jar

There are good moments and bad moments throughout the 365 days in a year. What we take away from those days can sometimes be tainted by time and research has shown that it is the general inclination for a person to remember more of the bad then the good.

But I want to change that pattern. For the last three years, I have made what I simply refer to as “my year jar.” I think it is a great way to take away the good lessons and memories at the end of the year, and leave the bad ones behind. So if you would like to make your own, follow along.



  • 1 mason jar/decorative container that you love(preferably that is resealable so you can’t loose anything.)
  • 1 pen in whatever color you want
  • Some tape
  • A Post-it note or small square piece of paper
  • A pad of post it notes or a deck of notecards

If you want to pretty it up somehow with glitter or stickers, go ahead. This is a reflection of you and your year, so make something you love!

Write the year on the post-it. Tape the post-it on the jar.

Next, you want to take your Post-it note, or I have used half a notecard before, and write the year on it (in this case 2016, unless you are super cool and reading this in the future then go you). Then, tape it to the outside of the jar. I usually make like a frame around the outside with some scotch tape. You could also use decorative washi tape.

Now here comes the best part. Take another one of the Post-it notes or half a notecard and write one thing wonderful that has happened already this year. I like to date mine too so it can job my memory. Fold it in half and drop it in the jar. You just saved your first memory.

Put your jar (or container of choice) somewhere in your bedroom where you will see it. I

Decorate your year label however your little heart desires.

put mind on the corner shelf. over the next year, it is your job to take any scrap of paper and put that good thing that happened.

It does’t have to be huge. Even just a good day that happened and you want to remember.

I like to put all kinds of things in mine like…

  • Concert tickets
  • The front page of a play program
  • A note that says when someone got married
  • A note about how you spent the day with your mom
  • The day you and your best friend ended up making a wrong turn that lead to the best adventure yet.

You can put any happy memory that you want in it. Just make it a little blip about the event that will jog your memory in the future.

DIY year jar

At the end of the year, you can take the jar and open it up. Think of it as a good times time capsule that you get to open at the end of every year. I like to open mine New Year’s day or the day after, and read through all the great memories you made.

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