A Graduates Not-So Freaked Out Moment

Graduation may be coming, but I am going to enjoy each day as it comes and try not to rush anything.

So as I sit here, trying to study for one of the last two finals I have remaining in my undergraduate career, I was sitting in a quiet house, all by myself, and couldn’t help but start to reflect… on the last four years, on my friends, on the future, on what Saturday (when I walk for graduation) would be like.

My life is far from what I thought it would be like when I graduated college. But as I look back at the friends I have, the lesson’s I have learned, and the experiences that I have had, I realize that there are very few things that I would change. I also realized something else: this was the last Wednesday afternoon I would be sitting here, in my house, with it decorated with all of our college photos and memories and knick knacks. I sat back and took it all in for a moment. I also promised myself something:

That I would ENJOY the last few days that I had here, with these people, at this time in my life.

Yes, I am freaking out about jobs, and the future, and my finals, but at this point, that isn’t going to get me anywhere. I could run away so that I began to sever the ties that I will miss. But I have plenty of time to miss them.

Right now, everyone is here, and I have plenty of time to be an adult. I am going to enjoy the last few days of being a college student.

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