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Quote of the Week for July 31, 2017

A little inspiration to start your week off right. Life is funny. It can hand you all kinds of things that you may not have expected to happen or thought…

Happy 4th of July

What the Fourth of July Means to Me

241 years ago today, our founding father created the document that declared our independence and set in motion a new nation and a new legacy. This Fourth of July, I reflect on what this means to me and what these men mean to our countries history.

"Remain true to yourself child. If you know your own heart, you will always have one friend who does not lie." Marion Zimmer Bradley quote.

Learning Not to Meet Expectations

June 3rd— For Gilmore Girls fans that date has a meaning. For some, that weekend meant celebrating a new chapter in their lives. For me, it marked one month of…

DIY Year Jar

There are good moments and bad moments throughout the 365 days in a year. What we take away from those days can sometimes be tainted by time and research has…

How to pick a theme for 2016. (Photo: Devon A. Aragona)

How to Pick a Theme for 2016

Wow…This first week in January has flown by, and to be honest, it was just stressful.
I was so excited for the new year! But old habits die hard and I soon became overwhelmed. So I sat down and picked a theme for my 2016 and started consciously planning what I wanted to do with my year around that.

My Not-To-Do List

As the year comes to a close, don’t stress over what hasn’t been accomplished. Give yourself permission to put somethings away till next year and enjoy the holidays.

"The Creative adult is the child who has survived." Ursula K Le Guin

Quote of the Week

Tis the season where age doesn’t matter, and traditions remind us of years past. Go ice skating, build a snow fort, bake a pie, do something that you enjoy and…

Tips on how to handle the holidays.

Handling the Holidays

We got our first couple of inches of snow this weekend and that solidified it: the most wonderful time of the year is upon us again! With all of the…

herman Melville quote

Quote of the week 


A graduates not so freak out.

A Graduates Not-So Freaked Out Moment

So as I sit here, trying to study for one of the last two finals I have remaining in my undergraduate career, I was sitting in a quiet house, all…